Made with: Axure, Illustrator, Sketch 3, After Effects, Principle, Photoshop

PowerSage video targeted at property managers
PowerSage is a universal app that allows the user to easily track their power spending and usage by communicating with hardware per-installed at their home.
When I was asked to help with the design on the project, it started as a promo video and soon became a brand, a complete UI with integrated user feedback, an interactive prototype, and a promo video (as seen above).
Wireframe v. prototype
Above is an example of an early Axure wireframe-turned-UI next to a version prototyped in Principle. They have the same functions, but the final version has been cleaned up and has a delightful animation expressing your decision visually.
The project was a lot of fun and the prototyping stage was especially enjoyable as prototyping tools are constantly getting awesome new features.

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