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Made with: Illustrator, After Effects

In exploring my illustration abilities, I decided to create a personal avatar. Through many drafts and glances in the mirror (followed by taking a selfie), I landed on the final product you see above. A sketch-like feel with a minimal nose that still seemed to haunt my revisions to get it just right.
Upon completion, I decided to play with animating it as a break from illustration. I created a word mark of my name to complete the design, and got to work in After Effects. The first half of the GIF is what was created that day afternoon. The initial entry of the glasses, the draw-on effect and the eye and mouth emotive.
Things became interesting when I decided on a new style of glasses. I created the new frames in Illustrator and brought them into my original After Effects file. From there, I added some face-scrunching wiggles, leading into the appearance of my new frames (the Burke by Warby Parker). 
The reverse of my business cards
When it came time to order more business cards (I never thought I'd get through the original 500!), I opted to take the expressive theme I started in the animation and continue it through illustrations on the back of my cards. I had a lot of fun creating different personalities for this project.

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