Made with: Sketch 3, Illustrator, Principle, After Effects

Finished MergeIn promotional video
MergeIn is a live-streaming video app that integrates with your existing social networks. You can browse through your feed and see who is streaming, comment, request to merge, or start your own stream (private or public). 
My ask on this project was to animate the UI from a Sketch file along a story determined by the client. 
Principle artboard of character 1
I took the story and found the necessary components from the design file, cleaned them up and added in the appropriate filler content.
Next, I imported the design into Principle and began prototyping the interactions.
Principle flow of character 2
On approval of the interactions, I took the output video from Principle into After Effects. I added in the filler video and music using green screening techniques, and set the timing so the video of the users merging together would be seamless. 
I polished off the video by adding in depth and flare elements for nice detail. MergeIn has a sharp promo based on the client's original story.
Added detail to MergeIn video

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